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تحميل برنامج اختبار كروت الشاشة | Futuremark 3DMark 2.11.6857

تحميل برنامج اختبار كروت الشاشة Futuremark 3DMark

يعد برنامج Futuremark 3DMark هو أداة أساسية لقياس أداء ألعاب الكمبيوتر.
تحميل برنامج اختبار كروت الشاشة  Futuremark 3DMark 2.11.6857
تحميل برنامج اختبار كروت الشاشة  Futuremark 3DMark 2.11.6857

يتم استخدام البرنامج من قبل الملايين من اللاعبين والمئات من مواقع مراجعة الأجهزة والعديد من الشركات الرائدة في العالم.
قم باستخدم البرنامج لاختبار حدود جهاز الكمبيوتر الخاص بك وقياس تأثير رفع تردد التشغيل وتغيير نظامك.
وفى هذا الموضوع أقدم لكم آخر إصدار من البرنامج معه التفعيل.
تحميل برنامج اختبار كروت الشاشة | Futuremark 3DMark 2.11.6857

Futuremark 3DMark is an important tool to live PC gaming performance.
It is employed by many gamers, many hardware review sites and lots of of the world’s leading manufacturers.
Use it to check your PC’s limits and measure the impact of overclocking and tweaking your system.
Search Futuremark’s massive results database and see how your PC compares or simply admire the graphics and wonder why all PC games don’t look this good.
The new Futuremark 3DMark includes everything you would like to benchmark your hardware.
To get more out of your PC, put 3DMark in your PC
With three all new tests you'll bench everything from smartphones and tablets, to notebooks and residential PCs.
Also you'll bench the newest high-end, multi-GPU gaming desktops.
And it’s not only for Windows.
With Futuremark 3DMark you'll compare your scores with Android and iOS devices too.
It’s the foremost powerful and versatile 3DMark we’ve ever created.
Fire Strike may be a showcase DirectX 11 benchmark designed for today’s high-performance gaming PCs.
It is our most ambitious and technical benchmark ever, featuring real-time graphics rendered with detail
and complexity far beyond what's found in other benchmarks and games today.
DirectX 11 benchmark for gamers
Renders at 1920 × 1080 resolution
For high performance gaming PCs.
3DMark Fire Strike Extreme is an enhanced version of fireside Strike designed for high-end multi-GPU systems (SLI / Crossfire)
and future hardware generations. additionally to raising the rendering resolution
additional visual quality improvements increase the rendering load to make sure accurate performance measurements for truly extreme hardware setups.
Enhanced for extreme hardware.
Renders at 2560 × 1440 resolution
For systems with multiple GPUs
Fire Strike Ultra 4K UHD rendering resolution is fourfold larger than the 1080p resolution utilized in Fire Strike.
A 4K monitor isn't required, but your graphics card must have a minimum of 3GB of memory to run this monstrously demanding benchmark.
The world’s first 4K gaming benchmark
Renders at 4K UHD resolution (3840 × 2160)
The most demanding 3DMark test ever.
Use 3DMark Sky Diver to benchmark systems with mainstream graphics cards, mobile GPUs, or integrated graphics.
It is especially suitable for DirectX 11 systems that can't achieve quite single-digit frame rates within the more demanding Fire Strike test.
Sky Diver is merely available within the Windows editions at this point .
DirectX 11 benchmark for mainstream PCs.
Includes Graphics, Physics and Combined tests.
Breathtaking demo with an ingenious soundtrack.
Cloud Gate may be a new test that's designed for Windows notebooks and typical home PCs.
Cloud Gate includes two graphics tests and a physics test.
Cloud Gate uses a DirectX 11 engine limited to Direct3D feature level 10 making it suitable for testing DirectX 10 compatible hardware.testing DirectX 10 compatible hardware.

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