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تحميل ويندوز سفن مع أوفيس 2010 | بتحديثات فبراير 2020

ويندوز سفن مع أوفيس 2010 بتحديثات فبراير 2020

تحميل ويندوز سفن مع أوفيس 2010 | بتحديثات فبراير 2020
تحميل ويندوز سفن مع أوفيس 2010 | بتحديثات فبراير 2020

اقدم لكم اليوم أحدث اصدار من إصدارات ويندوز سفن المفعلة.
الويندوز مبني على أساس ويندوز سفن ألتميت 64 بت.
مضاف للنسخة آخر تحديثات ميكروسوفت حتى شهر فبراير 2020.
مدمج مع الويندوز أيضاً أوفيس 2010 بآخر التحديثات.
تحميل ويندوز سفن مع أوفيس 2010 | بتحديثات فبراير 2020

home windows 7 remaining SP1 With workplace 2010 February 2020 Preactivated
windows (x64) | Languages:English | record size: 4.88 GB
use of versions of other users because of reliable versions of the organizations; but, after the adoption of the SOPA / PIPA legal guidelines in the residence of Representatives,
the groups that had until then been ideal copies And did no longer continue to achieve this without any manipulation of the up to date windows;
therefore, different humans became extra critical on this section, and now we're seeing the release of 86f68e4d402306ad3cd330d005134dac variations of windows 7 (windows 7).
-64-bit versions Combines top notch ease-of-use with the entertainment capabilities of home top rate and the commercial enterprise competencies of expert–get all of it with with home windows 7 last
-Make the things you do each day simpler with improved laptop navigation; start applications quicker and greater easily, and quick discover the documents you operate most customarily
-Run many home windows XP productiveness packages in home windows XP Mode; watch, pause, rewind, and record television on your computer
-without problems create a home network and join your computers to a printer with HomeGroup; hook up with organisation networks effortlessly and more securely with area be part of
-get better your statistics easily with automatic backup to your home and commercial enterprise community; help guard facts in your pc and portable garage devices against loss or theft with BitLocker.
Whats New:
-introduced KB4537820-x86-x64 with disabling telemetry and processor verification (replaces KB4534310-x86-x64)
-delivered KB4537829-x86-x64 (update KB4536952-x86-x64)
-certificate renewal much like KB931125 and KB2917500 for February 2020

مساحة النسخة 4.7 جيجا تقريباً

تستطيع تحميل العديد النسخ من قسم نسخ الويندوز من هنا

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