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تحميل برنامج كيبورد متطور للويندوز | Hot Virtual Keyboard Multilingual

برنامج كيبورد متطور للويندوز Hot Virtual Keyboard Multilingual

تحميل برنامج كيبورد متطور للويندوز | Hot Virtual Keyboard Multilingual
تحميل برنامج كيبورد متطور للويندوز | Hot Virtual Keyboard Multilingual

ان برنامج Hot Virtual Keyboard مفيد جداً ومتطور لاستعراض لوحة مفاتيح الكيبورد مميزة وبالكثير من اللغات.
ان هذا البرنامج سيكون مفيداً لمن توقف عنده أحد أزرار الكيبورد خاصة فى أجهزة اللاب توب أو عندمل لا يوجد كيبورد أصلاً.
كذلك فان برنامج Hot Virtual Keyboard سيكون ذو فائدة كبيرة فى حالة استخدام لوحات المفاتيح الاجنبية والتى لا تتوفر على الاحرف العربية.
البرنامج اكثر من رائع ومميز جداً فى هذا المجال حيث انه يدعم كل لغات العالم ومن بينها اللغة العربية.

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تحميل برنامج كيبورد متطور للويندوز | Hot Virtual Keyboard Multilingual
تحميل برنامج كيبورد متطور للويندوز | Hot Virtual Keyboard Multilingual

تحميل برنامج كيبورد متطور للويندوز | Hot Virtual Keyboard Multilingual
تحميل برنامج كيبورد متطور للويندوز | Hot Virtual Keyboard Multilingual

تحميل برنامج كيبورد متطور للويندوز | Hot Virtual Keyboard Multilingual

update home windows On-screen Keyboard with warm digital Keyboard and start typing like a seasoned in just minutes! warm virtual Keyboard packs a number of advanced capabilities to make on-display typing quicker, less complicated and more correct. Make full use of your contact-screen laptop (pill laptop, UMPC, Panel pc, vehicle computer, Touchmonitor, Kiosk) or type with a mouse speedy and successfully!
Key features:
fully customizable appearance and behavior
Gestures to quickly trade case or insert spaces
Programmable buttons for appearing ordinary operations inclusive of copying and pasting textual content
Keys to release applications, open net pages or run macros with a single tap
word auto-entire to make typing faster and more accurate than ever
support of multiple languages and keyboard layouts
An potential to combine the digital keyboard into other structures
Multi-touch guide in home windows 7 and home windows 8
Supported running systems:
home windows 2000
windows XP
home windows Server 2003
windows Vista
home windows Server 2008
home windows 7 (32-bit/64-bit)
windows Server 2012
windows eight (32-bit/sixty four-bit)
windows eight.1 (32-bit/sixty four-bit)
windows 10
New in model eight.2
New: The order of words within the word autocomplete window relies upon at the records accumulated via software. The application to start with has predefined information on word frequency and word order for the maximum popular languages. those records are saved in the commonplace subfolder. while you kind any textual content, the software memorizes the phrases which you use, so that later it may location the most frequently used ones inside the beginning of the listing. Which words are recommended additionally depends at the formerly typed text.
New: The ability to set a label to an movement assigned to a hotkey has been introduced.
advanced: The order of on-display keyboard settings has been changed.
New: An alternative named “conceal the on-display keyboard whilst typing on a physical keyboard” has been added. it works as follows: The on-display screen keyboard disappears whilst the consumer presses a key at the bodily keyboard. The on-display screen keyboard seems again when the user touches the touchscreen, or calls the on-screen keyboard with the aid of pressing a hotkey or clicking the keyboard icon.
New “Trianlgles2” and “StandardLA” keyboards were delivered.
New: “verify with key” buttons were added for the word autocomplete home windows.
New: Gestures guide has been progressed. Now the user can assign various movements to gestures.
New “Pinch or stretch to zoom when the usage of a touchscreen” alternative has been delivered. To zoom in or out, contact the on-screen keyboard with palms, after which circulate the arms in the direction of every other (pinch) or faraway from every different (stretch).
New “contact with arms to transport” alternative has been brought. to move the on-display screen keyboard, contact it with hands, after which move inside the same direction.
New: A volume manipulate has been added inside the “Sounds” phase of the alternatives conversation field.
New command line parameters for the utility had been introduced: /help and /?. They teach the software to display the list of familiar command line parameters in a message box, after which go out.
advanced: “show the on-display keyboard when the text cursor is visible” alternative can work together with “auto cover” option now.
progressed: text cursor function monitoring has been improved.
improved: The detection of password entry in the energetic discipline has been improved.
stepped forward: Compatibility with sixty four-bit versions of home windows has been improved. New documents has been delivered.
improved: Compatibility with windows 8, home windows 8.1, and home windows 10 has been stepped forward.
advanced: Touchscreen guide has been progressed.
improved: whilst saved settings are loaded, the toolbar’s nation is restored.
progressed: An choice to disable the tablet computer input Panel has been introduced for home windows 7.
improved: The on-display screen keyboard adjusts the animation speed on machines with restrained graphics capability.
stepped forward: while the keyboard disappears from the display screen, it releases the Shift, Alt, Ctrl, and Win keys.
advanced: The “flow the on-display screen keyboard to a display screen border” option works most effective whilst the on-display keyboard seems. If the person movements the keyboard to any location at the display screen, it's going to remain at that place till disappears.
progressed: If the home windows choice prompt a window with the aid of hovering over it with the mouse is on, this selection may be temporary disabled when the on-screen keyboard is seen.
improved: Compatibility with Google Chrome and Opera has been improved. New extensions have been released.
constant: a few Arabic characters were displayed incorrectly.
fixed: The “Draw a border around a key” choice didn’t paintings if the “shade” parameter changed into set. The “TouchScreenWin8” keyboard has been changed.
fixed: On a united kingdom keyboard, two keys had been processed in one vicinity.
constant: The trouble with disappearing keyboard icon subsequent to the textual content cursor has been solved.
lots of other fixes and enhancements.

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