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تحميل برنامج تسريع وصيانة الرامات | PGWare SuperRam

برنامج تسريع وصيانة الرامات PGWare SuperRam

برنامج-تسريع-وصيانة-الرامات PGWare-SuperRam-7.1.28
برنامج-تسريع-وصيانة-الرامات PGWare-SuperRam-7.1.28

اقدم لكم الان برنامج PGWare SuperRam الذي يعد من البرامج التى تعمل على زيادة كفاءة الكمبيوتر بالطريقة الأفضل والأصح فهو يقوم بتفريغ وتنظيف الملفات المهملة والعالقة بالرام والتى قد تعوق الرامات عن تأدية وظيفتها بالشكل الصحيح مما يتسبب فى بطأ الجهاز بشكل ملحوظ.
كما يوجد بالبرنامج الكثير من الأدوات الهامة جداً مثل أداة إلغاء تجزئة الملفات وأدوات إزالة الأخطاء التى تعوق وحدة المعالجة المركزية عن أداء وظيفتها بالسرعة المناسبة.
كذلك يقوم البرنامج بترشيد موارد الكمبيوتر لتكون قادرة على تشغيل البرامج بشكل أفضل عن طريق تحديد الموارد إلى عمل معين.
وفى هذا الموضوع أقدم لكم آخر إصدار من البرنامج معه التفعيل.
تحميل برنامج تسريع وصيانة الرامات | PGWare SuperRam
برنامج-تسريع-وصيانة-الرامات PGWare-SuperRam-7.1.28
برنامج-تسريع-وصيانة-الرامات PGWare-SuperRam-7.1.28

SuperRam makes your computer run quicker by way of taking manipulate and dealing with the memory on your pc efficiently.
in case you observe your laptop is strolling slow, this typically is because of the memory (RAM) strolling out of usable space.
whilst memory area gets decrease, windows then starts offevolved establishing packages into the windows page document;
this page document is the laptop difficult pressure that's an awful lot slower than RAM.
SuperRam switches this conduct and puts old programs into the home windows page record
and any newly opened packages are placed into real RAM.
this variation in how home windows operates lets in applications and video games to run quicker.
SuperRam constantly runs within the history to your laptop and determines whilst the reminiscence to your computer is attending to a low threshold;
as soon as it reaches this threshold it immediately frees memory again to the pc and makes programs run quicker due to the fact they have get admission to to physical reminiscence.
SuperRam’s settings let you freely alter and exchange this low memory threshold and provide you with the capacity to decide how a great deal memory to free back to windows.
PGWare SuperRam offers you full manage over how reminiscence works to your computer and lets in you to fine music how your laptop operates.
quicker programs
packages and video games instantly load and run quicker than earlier than since they have got access to greater RAM for your computer. This right away makes your computer run smoother and faster.
Take manipulate
you are now on top of things of your laptop and determine how the gadget works. PGWare SuperRam offers you on the spot get entry to to manipulate how the computer operates after which works within the historical past for you.
usually running
PGWare SuperRam continuously runs in the history even supposing no person is logged in, works extraordinary for server systems and computer machines whether they are in complete use or idle.
countless memory
PGWare SuperRam constantly frees wasted reminiscence lower back to the laptop giving the impact you have got an infinite supply of RAM available to your packages always.
PGWare SuperRam intelligently manages memory unlike many different memory control programs to be had at the net.
PGWare SuperRam monitors how a lot of your laptop processor is being applied;
ensuring that it does no longer unfastened memory when the computer is processing huge amounts of facts and purpose slowdowns.
PGWare SuperRam also can stumble on while a software is strolling complete screen, consisting of a recreation or a DVD and save you memory from being freed to
additionally save you the display from lagging and causing video problems to arise.
if you are the use of a laptop SuperRam can also be advised now not to run while the computer is on battery energy and simplest paintings when plugged in.
those settings allow you to absolutely manipulate PGWare SuperRam and dictate how your pc works.
if you notice your laptop is running slower, trying our software SuperRam is as easy as downloading the cutting-edge version
clicking the deploy button and letting the whole lot paintings on its very own. SuperRam’s easy to use interface lets in you to set it and forget about it=
and allow SuperRam automatically manipulate your pc’s memory.
however if you would rather take manage directly, PGWare SuperRam gives many settings to permit you make a decision how an awful lot reminiscence to unfastened
and while memory ought to be freed depending on CPU usage, full display screen applications jogging and lots of different elements.
download an ordeal model of PGWare SuperRam and make your laptop faster.
well matched with Microsoft windows eight, 7, Vista, XP & windows Server 2012, 2008, 2003. 32-BIT/64-BIT equipped.
permits video games and packages to run quicker by way of giving them get right of entry to to extra physical memory installed on the pc.
Runs inside the background, which lets in the software program to run quietly liberating reminiscence back to the laptop without user interaction.
PGWare SuperRam may even run whilst no user is logged in permitting server structures to free reminiscence leaks or provide server software program get admission to to more RAM.
memory benchmark test characteristic has been introduced in to get an estimate of how fast and solid your computer reminiscence is.
full customizable settings allow users the capability to absolutely control how reminiscence behaves empowering the consumer to control their laptop.
New and progressed cutting-edge consumer interface, smooth and intuitive to apply and compliant with windows person interface hints.
software program updates can be downloaded and installed without delay from inside the application while not having to visit our web site.
Whats New:
new edition with numerous malicious program fixes and up to date copyright to 2019.

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