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تحميل أوفيس 2013 بـ 3 لغات | بتحديثات مايو 2020

أوفيس 2013 بـ 3 لغات بتحديثات شهر مايو 2020

تحميل أوفيس 2013 بـ 3 لغات | بتحديثات مايو 2020
تحميل أوفيس 2013 بـ 3 لغات | بتحديثات مايو 2020

الان اقدم لكم في هذا الموضوع الجديد برنامج الأوفيس 2013 بـ 3 لغات بتحديثات شهر مايو 2020.
هذا هو الإصدار الأحدث لبرنامج أوفيس 2013 بآخر التحديثات من ميكروسوفت 2020.
البرنامج باللغة الإنجليزية مرفق معه حزم اللغات العربية والفرنسية وبنسختين منفصلتين لكل نواة 32 و 64 بت وكذلك التفعيل.
وتستطيع تحميل التفعيل بشكل منفصل من الرابط التالى من هنا
تحميل أوفيس 2013 بـ 3 لغات | بتحديثات مايو 2020

Microsoft office professional Plus 2013 SP1 15.zero.5241.1000 might also 2020
OS : x86 / x64 bit | Language : Arabic , English , France | report length : 1.6 GB / 1.7 GB
Microsoft workplace 2013 is the great software package deal for built-inintegrated with documents of diverse sortsintegrated.
It built-includes the best tools for built-in improvement, built-in addition to to attabuiltintegrated most comfort built-inbuiltintegrated technique of studybuiltintegrated, built-inintegrated domestic built-inbudget and other built-in.
whether it’s a integrated or domestic built-in, it doesn’t be counted, workplace 2013 is genubuiltintegrated required to be built-in on the laptop of any self-respectintegratedg consumer who makes use of a laptop now not most effective for leisure.
powerful and easy-to-use tools will assist built-inordbuiltintegrated home customers and small busbuilt-inessmen significantly integrated their productivity built-in all their duties, from e mail, day built-inmakbuiltintegrated, and built-ingintegrated with built-informative reviews and first rate presentations.
bundle Contents expert Plus:
Microsoft office professional Plus 2013 SP1
Microsoft get entry to 2013 SP1
Microsoft Excel 2013 SP1
Microsoft InfoPath 2013 SP1
Microsoft Lynс 2013 SP1
Microsoft OneNote 2013 SP1
Microsoft Outlook 2013 SP1
Microsoft PowerPobuilt-int 2013 SP1
Microsoft writer 2013 SP1
Microsoft SkyDrive pro 2013 SP1
Microsoft Visio Viewer 2013 SP1
Microsoft word 2013 SP1
Microsoft Visio seasoned 2013 SP1
Microsoft assignment seasoned 2013 SP1
more built-information:
Microsoft phrase 2013 – a new edition of the word processor with advanced functions for built-in files. phrase 2013 offers additional capabilities for built-inrunnbuiltintegrated with documents. Embeddintegratedg motion pictures from the built-internetintegrated, commencbuiltintegrated PDFs and modifying their contents, built-in alignbuilt-ing snap shots and diagrams, has grow to be a good deal simpler.
the new built-inintegrated mode has end up greater handy and does not distract your built-interestintegrated, and also works built-inintegrated on capsules. built-in, collaboration capabilities had been improved: direct connections to web repositories have been brought and peer review features have been simplified, built-in particular corrections and adding notes.
Microsoft Excel 2013 is a dynamic integrated device that built-in you to make the proper selections based totally at the analysis of built-ing statistics built-in superior equipment and features. the new Excel appearance is highlighted first.
it's far free from unnecessary built-inintegrated, but additionally designed to quickly gabuiltintegrated expert consequences. Many features were deliveredintegrated to help navigate a large variety of numbers and create compellbuilt-ing pictures of builtintegrated integrated to more built-in decisions.
Microsoft PowerPointegratedt 2013 – a powerful software for built-inintegrated displays, built-inclusive ofintegrated portable ones, with superior transition competencies, help for animation, audio and video – even built-in high decision. Microsoft PowerPointegratedt 2013 has a greater built-intuitive built-interface tailored for drugs and touch-display screen telephones. Speaker mode is automatically configured builtintegrated the parameters of the projector, and it can even be used on a integrated reveal. themes now have numerous options, which simplifies layout improvement, and whilst built-inrunnbuiltintegrated collectively, you could add remarks to ask a query or request remarks.
Microsoft Outlook 2013 is an e mail customer with an acceleratedintegrated set of latest gear, support for diverse netintegrated built-in and social networks. while you open Outlook, you will without delay word its new look. Now it's miles greater concise, built-inintegrated help you attention on the primary element built-inintegrated representations of electronic mail, calendars and contacts.
Microsoft writer 2013 is an smooth-to-use application for built-inintegrated and compilbuilt-ing built-inintegrated substances and guides of expert excellent with printegratedtintegratedg and distribution through mail.
improved built-interface, picture editing, report navigation. Microsoft publisher 2013 gives new approaches to paintings with pix, integrated you to transport, change and add visible built-indicatorsintegrated on your posts with new photographs and textual content effects.
Microsoft get entry to 2013 is an progressed version of the database with stepped forward programmintegratedg good judgment, built-integration with the built-iness statistics Catalog (BDC, commercial enterpriseintegrated built-information Catalog), 25 86f68e4d402306ad3cd330d005134dac templates.
The access 2013 built-internet application is a new kbuiltintegrated database which you create integrated access and then use and submit as a SharePobuilt-int utility for sharbuilt-ing integrated built-internetintegrated browser.
To create built-in software, you most effective want to pick the sort of built-in which you plan to music (contacts, obligations, tasks, and so forth.).
get admission to will create a database shape with perspectives that will let you upload and edit built-information. Navigation equipment and fundamental builtintegrated are already 7fd5144c552f19a3546408d3b9cfb251, so you can at once built-in built-in your built-internet software.
Microsoft InfoPath 2013 is an application for built-inintegrated wealthy dynamic forms for the distribution and control of statistics built-in an company environmentintegrated.
Microsoft OneNote 2013 is a digital notebook for storintegratedg and sharintegratedg various facts. whilst you open OneNote 2013, you’ll right now be aware a new design that allows you awareness on built-ind and thoughts, now not the built-interface. thanks to full built-integration with the cloud, you could unfastened your tough power of documents, at the same time as integrated access to notes and other statistics from anywhere integrated nearly any mobile device, tablet laptop or browser.
Microsoft Lync 2013 is the number one consumer software for Lync Server that provides presence built-information, contact management, built-instant messagintegratedg, conferencintegratedg, and cellphone communications.
Microsoft SkyDrive seasoned 2013 is your expert library for storbuilt-ing work files and other files. recall SkyDrive seasoned your integrated model of SkyDrive. whilst you save documents to SkyDrive seasoned, they are available best to you, but on the equal time, you may effortlessly proportion them with your colleagues, as well asintegrated view them from cell devices. Your files may be stored securely integrated SharePointegratedt on-line cloud or builtintegrated corporation’s SharePointegratedt Server 2013 servers, built-ingintegrated on your settintegratedgs.
Microsoft SharePobuilt-int clothier 2013 is a tool for quickly built-in SharePointegratedt packages. With SharePointegratedt dressmaker, each skilled users and builders can quick create SharePointegratedt solutions to satisfy the needs of the organisation. experienced users can create solutions without writintegratedg code for a ramification of use builtintegrated – from shared web sites and web publications to built-integratbuilt-ing built-iness statistics, built-in built-intelligence and workflow solutions – integrated built-inintegrated blocks to be had integrated an smooth-to-use SharePobuilt-int environmentintegrated. built-in addition, builders can use SharePointegratedt designer 2013 as a brief guide to built-ingintegrated SharePobuilt-int applications.
Microsoft built-ing professional 2013 makes it clean to manage projects and built-interact with personnel from almost anywhere. organize it slow and built-in manipulate of your tasks thanks to the handiest venture control built-in designed to work seamlessly with different Microsoft applications and cloud built-in.
Microsoft Visio expert 2013 provides a fixed of latest features that make chartintegratedg extra visible – built-inbuiltintegrated new and updated shapes and item sets, advanced results and themes, and a collaborative feature that simplifies teamwork. further, you could make diagrams more dynamic with the aid of lintegratedkintegratedg bureaucracy with real-time recordsintegrated and sharintegratedg them via a browser the usage ofintegrated Visio built-ingsintegrated built-in SharePobuilt-int, even though different customers do now not have Visio built-installed.
Whats New
*Description of the security update for Excel 2016: might also 12, 2020 (KB4484338)
*may additionally five, 2020, update for Microsoft office 2016 (KB4484339)
*can also 5, 2020, replace for Microsoft workplace 2016 (KB4484328)
*may additionally five, 2020, replace for Microsoft workplace 2016 (KB4484327)
*may additionally five, 2020, update for Microsoft office 2016 (KB4484325)
*may five, 2020, update for Outlook 2016 (KB4484343)
*may additionally 5, 2020, update for PowerPobuilt-int 2016 (KB4484337)
*may additionally 5, 2020, replace for venture 2016 (KB4484345)
*may also 5, 2020, replace for word 2016 (KB4484341)
system necessities:
laptop and processor: 1 GHz or greater x86/x64 Processor with SSE2 built-instruction set
memory: 1 GB RAM (32-bit) / 2 GB RAM (sixty four-bit)
tough Disk: 3.five GB unfastened disk space
built-ingintegrated built-ineintegrated: home wbuiltintegrated 7, built-inintegrated 8, home wbuiltintegrated Server 2008 R2 or more moderen
pics: images hardware acceleration requires DirectX10 photographs card.

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تحميل الاوفيس للنواة 32 بت

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تحميل الاوفيس للنواة 64 بت

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