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تحميل برنامج الحماية الشاملة 2020 | Symantec Endpoint Protection

اخر تحديث سبتمبر 2020

تحميل برنامج الحماية الشاملة 2020 | Symantec Endpoint Protection
تحميل برنامج الحماية الشاملة 2020 | Symantec Endpoint Protection

 برنامج الحماية الشاملة 2019  Symantec Endpoint Protection 14.2.4814.1101

برنامج الحماية الشاملة 2020 Symantec Endpoint Protection 14.3.1169.0100

مع النسخة المميزة من أقوى وافضل برامج الحماية التى تقدمها شركة Symantec  الأقدم عالمياً فى صناعة برامج الأنتى فيروس والحماية.

ان برنامج Symantec Endpoint Protection من البرامج الخفيفة التى توفر لك الحماية والأمان التام بدون استهلاك مفرط لموارد الحاسوب كمثل برامج الحماية الاخري التي تعمل علي تهنيج الحاسوب.

البرنامج مفعل تلقائياً ولا يحتاج إلى سيريال أو كراك.

يقوم البرنامج باكتشاف ومنع التهديدات الأكثر تقدماً اليوم والحديثة من خلال حل حماية نقطة النهاية الذي تتجاوز مكافحة الفيروسات الاخري حيث ان البرنامج أمان ولا مثيل له وقم اليوم بوقف هذه التهديدات الحديثة بأمان ذكي.

Symantec Endpoint protection – Proactively detect and block today’s most superior threats with an endpoint safety solution that is going beyond antivirus. unrivaled protection – forestall advanced threats with wise security!
shrewd Endpoint Workshop
– about the importance and characteristic of every of the protection engines in Symantec Endpoint protection
– The top 10 misconceptions approximately deploying superior features in Symantec Endpoint and techniques for implementing them efficiently
– How Symantec Endpoint paperwork a strong foundation for advanced chance safety across more than one manipulate factors, such as the endpoint, network, and electronic mail
– the way to benefit extra fee out of your current Symantec Endpoint implementation
prevent superior threats with intelligent security
ultimate 12 months, we noticed 317 million new malware variations, with focused assaults and zero-day threats at an all-time excessive. businesses are suffering to preserve up with the swiftly evolving threats.
Symantec Endpoint is designed to shield towards superior threats with powerful, layered safety subsidized through enterprise leading security intelligence.
– community threat protection stops maximum threats earlier than they could soak up house on the system
– perception reputation scoring accurately detects swiftly mutating malware and zero-day threats
– SONAR™ behavioral evaluation stops malicious files designed to seem legitimate
– sturdy antivirus, antispyware and firewall protection remove known mass malware
Granular manage – Get prolonged safety, flexibility, and scalability
if you have multiple user agencies or you have users throughout special places, you need the flexibility to set one-of-a-kind safety rules. you may proactively cozy your surroundings with the aid of using policy-based totally device lockdown and alertness manipulate.
those features will let you have tighter controls for personnel handling confidential facts.
– application manipulate monitors and controls packages conduct, such as automatic machine lockdown, and superior whitelisting and blacklisting abilties
– external media manage restricts and permits get entry to to the hardware that can be used to shield and boom productivity
– Host Integrity detects unauthorized change, conducts damage assessment and guarantees endpoints are blanketed and compliant
Smarter management – unmarried control across bodily and virtual
handling endpoint safety need to be clean.
Symantec affords a couple of layers of safety via a unmarried excessive-powered patron and control console across both physical and digital machines. We make it easy to install, replace and manage your endpoint security across various places, consumer companies, and running structures.
– One answer protects home windows, Mac, Linux, virtual machines and embedded structures
– Optimized for overall performance across physical, virtual and embedded machines
– unmarried console gives a one stop store for reporting, indicators, configuration and control
– Enabled for far off deployment and customer management

مساحة البرنامج 110 ميجا تقريباً

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تحميل البرنامج للنواة 32 بت

هناااااااااااااا          هناااااااااااااا          هناااااااااااااا

تحميل البرنامج للنواة 64 بت

هناااااااااااااا          هناااااااااااااا          هناااااااااااااا

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