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أفضل برنامج تحسين أداء الهارد و تسريعه | DiskTrix UltimateDefrag

أفضل برنامج تحسين أداء الهارد و تسريعه DiskTrix UltimateDefrag

تم انشاء برنامج UltimateDefrag لتحسين أداء محرك القرص الصلب التقليدي القائم على الطبق الميكانيكي.
أفضل برنامج تحسين أداء الهارد و تسريعه | DiskTrix UltimateDefrag
أفضل برنامج تحسين أداء الهارد و تسريعه | DiskTrix UltimateDefrag

ويضم البرنامج أيضًا كل الميزات التي تحتاجها لإجراء درجة معينة من إلغاء تجزئة نظام الملفات المطلوبة للحفاظ على محرك الأقراص الصلبة (SSD) للحصول على أفضل أداء باستخدام خوارزميات إلغاء التجزئة المملوكة الخاصة بنا والتي تم تطويرها خصيصًا من أجل تحسين الأقراص الصلبة الجامدة.
وفى هذا الموضوع اقدم لكم آخر إصدار من البرنامج.
أفضل برنامج تحسين أداء الهارد و تسريعه | DiskTrix UltimateDefrag

UltimateDefrag is designed to optimize conventional mechanical platter based totally tough power overall performance and also consists of all the features you want to carry out a positive degree of document gadget defragmentation required to preserve your SSD (solid kingdom power) for most excellent overall performance the use of our proprietary defragmentation algorithms in particular developed for SSDs.
What’s new and new capabilities:
• complete Code absolutely Streamlined And Optimized. We correctly went via all of the code line with the aid of line to make certain highest pleasant programming each step of the manner. We also advanced our technique to some of the defragmentation algorithms. UltimateDefrag is now a local 64 bit software which eliminates the memory boundaries of 32 bit packages. UltimateDefrag is now most effective restrained by using the quantity of reminiscence for your system and/or limits imposed by using the working device.
• a whole lot faster analysis and Defragmentation. along with the optimization of the code, we additionally were able to significantly improve power evaluation and defragmentation record sorting overhead by means of around seventy five% more than the preceding version.
• New Defragmentation strategies and enhancements of Exisiting strategies. We’ve included a brand new defragmentation technique that permits you to kind files to your power by way of length – either ascending or descending length order. some of the alternative techniques that already existed had been similarly more suitable and fine tuned
• strong state pressure help With unique Algorithms For SSD Defragmentation Operations To reduce wear Leveling. despite the fact that the general consensus is that SSDs do now not want defragmentation and that defragmentation wears out SSDs quicker, there are nevertheless justifiable reasons to defragment SSDs. you're defragmenting the document system as NTFS sees it and eliminating a variety of I/O overhead. Our options allow you to pick out to either not defragment your SSD, to deal with it like a regular pressure, or to apply our algorithms optimally designed for SSDs where it moves the least amount of data important and to minimize wear and to reduce the charge of refragmentation.
• Command Line assist. the whole power and versatility of UltimateDefrag GUI version can all now be used through Command Line entire with the entire array of options and switches.
• home windows Shell aid. within home windows Explorer, you can now right click on on any document or folder and perform a number of defragmentation operations on that file and folder with out even walking UltimateDefrag. Defragment a document or entire contents of a folder just by way of right clicking on it within windows and selecting the defragment operation!
• help For extent Shadow replica Enabled Drives. options to conquer any barriers and troubles that defragmentation might stumble upon on VSC enabled drives.
• extra ways To pick files that you need high overall performance From Or To Archive. you may now even determine on the size of the high performance sector.
• identical acquainted Interface. we have maintained the identical Graphical consumer Interface which you are acquainted with.
• more than one Language aid. UltimateDefrag now helps multiple languages. we are intially liberating an English and a Spanish model. other languages could be available within the destiny.
• Many other Miscellaneous upgrades And bug Fixes. We’ve drilled proper down into the code to correct any minor insects as well as beautify and improve algorithms and performance.
notwithstanding all of those adjustments and improvements to the program one aspect still stays and that is that most useful tough force performance to your computer remains the number 1 precedence of UltimateDefrag. all of the new capabilities actually make it easier and faster to acquire that country.

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