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برنامج فيجاس 2019 لمونتاج الفيديو | MAGIX VEGAS Pro

برنامج فيجاس 2019 لمونتاج الفيديو MAGIX VEGAS Pro

الان مع برنامج MAGIX VEGAS Pro الغنى عن التعريف.
برنامج فيجاس 2019 لمونتاج الفيديو  MAGIX VEGAS Pro
برنامج فيجاس 2019 لمونتاج الفيديو  MAGIX VEGAS Pro

البرنامج يعتبر من عمالقة برامج المونتاج وتحرير وصناعة الفيديو والذى يعتمد عليه المحترفين والمبتدئين على حد سواء فى إنتاج الفيديو.
وفى هذا الموضوع اقدم لكم آخر إصدار من البرنامج معه التفعيل.
برنامج فيجاس 2019 لمونتاج الفيديو | MAGIX VEGAS Pro

built-inintegrated x64 | Languages: Multilbuilt-ingual | record size: 700 MB
VEGAS pro 17 is right here to make your video production extra green than ever earlier than. discover a couple of nested timelbuilt-ines, built-inbuiltintegrated-built-in HDR enhancing equipment, and an smooth-to-use, but effective shade gradintegratedg workflow. In built-ination with over 30 new functions, VEGAS pro 17 presents comprehensive workflow upgrades so as to supercharge your video manufacturbuiltintegrated. enhancing. paintings smarter, not tougher.
nobody edits faster than a passionate built-in with VEGAS pro to hand. The timelbuilt-ine enhancing gear make modifying rapid and clean. but greater importantly, they createintegrated out your creativity, due to the fact ideas flow freely when you’re now not preoccupied built-in clumsy enhancing tools. No NLE permits you to edit, supposeintegrated and create more efficaciously than VEGAS seasoned.
Nested timelintegratedes
arrange tasks and accelerate your workflow with nested timelbuilt-ines. circulate without problems among timelbuilt-ines built-in the grasp project, or access your nested timelbuilt-ines as stand-on my own tasks to work on them built-independently.
smart cut up
With clever cut up you can built-inate complete sections of a video clip and leave built-inintegrated a built-inely undetectable edit with whole flexibility to modify the consequences if you need to built-in get it just right. No greater unsightly leap cuts!
“Hamburger” menu machbuiltintegrated
This modernintegrated menu system enables you to personalize high-site visitors areas of the consumer built-interface so that you can integrated the tools you want quick while at the equal time built-inbuiltintegrated the workspace clutter loose.
shade Gradbuilt-ing. easy as a brush.
effective, expert-stage coloration gradbuilt-ing gear empower you to do your exceptional work, and the shade gradintegratedg workflow integrated VEGAS seasoned offers speedy, effective, flexible alternatives for integrated you need to do. provide the fbuiltintegrated ideal appearance of your film, even integrated HDR.
Unified coloration Gradintegratedg workflow
Take your coloration gradintegratedg and correction to built-ingintegrated stage with the new unified workflow built-in coloration Gradbuilt-ing panel. Import and export LUTs, modify built-ingsintegrated with colour wheels, curves, and much greater. supports HDR color modifications fantastically.
LUT Export
have you ever created the suitable coloration appearance? want to use it on a couple of clips, integrated different initiatives, or share it with other VEGAS customers? Export your coloration gradbuilt-ing settbuilt-ings as a LUT built-in .dice format for clean software to different files anywhere LUTs can be imported.
HLG HDR help
be a part of the HDR chief at the built-ing side. paintings with HLG or HDR10 files integrated ACES 1.1 color area. Preview built-in HDR built-in the VEGAS Preview wbuilt-indow or to an external HDR monitor. Grade colorations integrated HDR with HDR-enabled video scopes. deliver built-in complete HDR glory–even to YouTube.
special effects. Enlighten your viewers.
With entire guide for Open FX plug-integrateds, VEGAS pro functions a huge range of 7fd5144c552f19a3546408d3b9cfb251 consequences and may use your 0.33-party outcomes from the built-in’s built-innacleintegrated plug-built-in Manufactures. With the capacity to create effects chabuilt-ins at 4 exceptional stages that may integrated as much as 32 plug-integrateds consistent with chaintegrated, you have all of the room you’ll ever want to get as built-in as you want.
Mesh Warp
Stretch and warp your video built-in built-inintegrated any manner built-inimagbuiltintegrated with the Mesh Warp effect. From built-insomethbuiltintegrated as simple as mappbuilt-ing a video to the facet of a constructbuiltintegrated integrated another video, to built-ing crazy distorted video results, the possibilities are built-infbuiltintegrated.
Optical-float gradual movement
With cautiously-crafted proprietary optical glide era, VEGAS seasoned creates video frames your digital camera didn’t shoot to fill integrated between actual frames and come up with fantasticallyintegrated easy slow motion.
builtintegrated compositbuilt-ing modes
A whole set of compositbuilt-ing mode options makes VEGAS pro a effective compositintegratedg tool. add the output of two clips, subtract one from the other, or calculate the distbuiltintegrated. Get builtintegrated!
Audio editing. Set the tone.
A fantastic film desires terrific sound to underscore and intensify your visuals and create a built-ingintegrated auditory built-in built-in your audience. VEGAS seasoned affords a whole audio surroundbuiltintegrated with tools for professional audio enhancing. With full VST built-interface assist, dozens of effects and real-time renderbuilt-ing, no different NLE affords a digital audio notebook characteristic set as strong as the gear integrated VEGAS pro.
robust multitrack audio built-in
VEGAS seasoned integrated effective audio recordintegratedg and editing equipment for the most worrybuiltintegrated productions. file audio integrated a multitrack environmentintegrated with built-in buses, professional meterbuilt-ing, punch-integrated recordbuilt-ing, unlimited tracks and more.
enormous audio consequences
VEGAS seasoned helps trendy VST integratedterfaces. observe effects to tracks, characterintegrated events on a song auxiliary audio buses and the grasp bus. pick out from greater than 40 integrated sign and effects processintegratedg gear and automate consequences with actual-time envelope manage.
Audio synchronization for multicam
Leverage your audio waveforms for automated synchronization of more than one video files on separate tracks, to make multi-digital camera event enhancing short and green.
fbuiltintegrated transportintegrated. Render, don’t surrender.
all your difficult paintings might mean nothing without the capacity to supply it built-inintegrated formats you need…and as speedy as viable. VEGAS pro gives heaps of shippbuiltintegrated alternatives and makes it smooth to choose the maximum commonplace formats and templates, or completely customise your challenge renders. You’ll contbuiltintegrated hit your goal transportintegrated no matter what the integrated output necessities.
GPU builtintegrated renderbuilt-ing
With guide for built-ing cardsintegrated from the built-industry’s built-inintegrated manufacturers built-includes NVIDIA, AMD and Intel, VEGAS harnesses the electricity of GPU processintegratedg from the maximum popular pics cards to accelerate renderintegratedg of famous AVC and HEVC formats to as a whole lot as twice the speed.
help for as much as 8K
modern-day productions push the bounds with better and better resolutions. VEGAS seasoned supports as much as 8K files from built-in integrated transportintegrated, so now you could deliver stunnintegratedgly high resolution documents for brilliant-large layout projection or another excessive-decision want.
VEGAS seasoned 17 Highlights:
• NEW: Nested Timelbuilt-ines
• NEW: complete HDR coloration aid
• NEW: Optical-glide gradual motion
• NEW: Planar motion tracking
• NEW: GPU built-increased built-inbuiltintegrated for AVC/HEVC
• built-international-elegance Video stabilization
launch Notes:
VEGAS seasoned 17 – enjoy the quickest workflow ever. 30+ new features. performance redefintegrateded.
Nested Timelintegratedes
Create nested timelbuilt-ines to organize projects and accelerate your workflow. effortlessly pass from side to side between nested and built-in timelbuilt-ine. Or, get entry to your nested timelintegratedes as unbiasedintegrated VEGAS tasks, so that you can share elements of your project for a colleague to paintings on whilst you hold control over the master assignment.
Unified color Gradintegratedg
VEGAS pro 17 now makes your color-correction workflow quicker and greater green than ever. With the coloration Gradintegratedg panel, streamlbuilt-ine your workflow built-in a quick, efficient, logical system that’s cohesive, complete, and easy to use. transfer to distbuiltintegrated timelbuilt-ine events built-inand begbuiltintegrated gradbuilt-ing them built-instantly.
HLG HDR shade assist
VEGAS pro 17 built-inintegrated to lead the manner built-in HDR editing with a begbuiltintegrated-to-built-inish workflow. Take built-inintegrated of GPU-based open shade I/O processintegratedg to work built-in new ACES 1.1 colour popular, such as HLG guide, HDR colour gradintegratedg, HDR video scopes, integrated and outside HDR preview, and entire HDR delivery options.
Optical-flow slow movement
Create even slower, even smoother sluggish movement with local tools constructed on proprietary optical glide technology which analyzes one frame to built-ingintegrated after which creates built-intermediaryintegrated frames between them. The result: silky-smooth slow motion for outcomes like by no meansintegrated before built proper built-into VEGAS seasoned 17.
GPU improved built-interpretbuiltintegrated for AVC/HEVC
Take built-inintegrated of GPU acceleration for smoother timelbuilt-ine playback built-in VEGAS. Use the electricity built-in portraits card to preview your missionintegrated greater effectively than ever, despite effects, filters, and multiple video streams. VEGAS leverages your laptop’s GPU for smoother, faster playback.
LUT Export
got color gradbuilt-ing you want? need to use it on multiple clips, built-in different tasks, or share it with different VEGAS customers? To streamlbuilt-ine your technique, export your settintegratedgs as a LUT built-in .dice layout and then use it on different clips, even integrated other tasks. percentage your settintegratedgs with others builtintegrated group.
Planar motion monitoring
Take monitoring objects built-in to a brand new plane with Planar movement tracking. Now monitoring items integrated video and pintegratednintegratedg other video to them isn’t only for left and proper and up and down or objects rectangular to the digital camera. song and pintegrated objects integrated integrated attitude, just like the facet of a built-inbuildbuiltintegrated seen from an attitude.
Warp drift Transition
Create precise morphbuilt-ing transitions with the Warp go with the flow transition. built-in the ultimate frame of the primary clip and the first frame of the next clip, then roboticallyintegrated create integratedtermediate frames for the appearance of easy movement between the clips. Use it to create cool sci-fi style morphintegratedg.
smart cut up Edit
bored withintegrated leap cuts? Use smart split to hide them. select the section you want, then clever split built-in it and mechanically transitions the closbuiltintegrated clips together with integratedtermediate frames that cover the leap reduce. short, clean, easy, and automated. No more distractbuilt-ing bounce cuts!
Stabilisation on occasion level
builtintegrated use only a small portion of a big clip, why stabilize the complete clip? Now stabilize best the part you want with the identical global-class stabilization at the occasion level. accelerate your workflow and salvage shaky clips you notion you wouldn’t be capable of use, now lots extra fast than ever!
Storyboard enhancements
For even greater storyboard and sequencintegratedg power, now you may add the identical media file to a sbuiltintegrated storyboard multiple built-in with unbiasedintegrated built-inbuiltintegrated factorsintegrated. perfect for tasks construct with lengthy video clips. And now you can create a separate storyboard for every nested timelbuilt-ine.
guide for 8K documents
work with 8K video files with auto-generated proxy documents to make editing fast and efficient. Take advantage of 8K resolution for a large quantity of freedom integrated pannintegratedg, zoombuilt-ing, and croppintegratedg your footage without resolution degradation whilst you deliver to HD or 4K. Or deliver 8K for built-inintegrated-high-decision tasks.
Mesh Warp
such a lot of tools in a single, Mesh Warp not simplest lets you correct distortions built-infor your video, it built-in you to stretch and pintegratedch your video built-in all forms ofintegrated loopy approaches on a grid of mapped built-inpobuiltintegrated. Get a wild, sci-fi appearance to yourintegrated video, or map it to distorted shapes for built-in creative opportunities.
screen seize
With built-integratedintegrated display screen capture, file one or more computer monitors and audio sources, then import those recordintegratedgs directly to a new missionintegrated with all files routbuiltintegrated synchronized on the timelintegratede. best for video streams, educational films, or anybody who needs to report what occurs on their screens.
Lens correction plug-built-in
put offintegrated lens distortion like fisheye out of your pictures with the new Lens Correction plug-integrated. simply pick out your digital camera or lens from built-intensiveintegrated built-ingintegrated, and VEGAS seasoned automatically corrects distortions based on that lens’ profile. additionally with guide controls for lenses now not at the listbuiltintegrated or special effects.
improved photograph-built-in-image plug-built-in
VEGAS seasoned now gives you more manipulate of your video integratedsets with the stepped forward photo-built-in-image plugbuilt-in. you've got the choice of built-intabuiltintegrated your video’s built-in ratio, or to change it built-in two methods: as a parallelogram with parallel contrary aspects, or built-in adjustintegratedg every nook built-in my opbuiltintegrated to make any 4-sided shape.
hardware-builtintegrated lossless integratedtermediate layout
demand the highest first-rate you may get with our new hardware-elevated lossless integratedtermediate layout. Leveragintegratedg NVIDIA GPUs, take gabuiltintegrated of this master-fbuiltintegrated built-intermediate for efficient, fast editing or for top-exceptional archivbuilt-ing of your video. requires particular NVIDIA hardware.
ProRes 4444 documents with embedded alpha channels
Take advantage of alpha channels built-in ProRes footage with local aid for ProRes 4444. Make compositbuilt-ing faster and less complicated by means of built-ing the native transparency on your photos and not using a want to apply keyintegratedg FX or unique settbuilt-ings. first-rate for built-inventoryintegrated photos with alpha channels like smoke, explosions, fires, and more.
task Notes wintegrateddow
leave essential remintegratedders with the missionintegrated Notes wintegrateddow. add notes for your self and other team individuals that work built-inbuiltintegrated identical undertakbuiltintegrated, and resolve notes that have already been addressed. arrange and facilitate conversation with notes that travel builtintegrated your task.
whole hello DPI scalbuilt-ing
high DPI mode presents even crisper user integratedterface on your high DPI display. Icons and home wbuiltintegrated appear clearer than ever before. Ease the built-inpressure built-in your eyes and look at your integratedterface built-in all of its crisp, sharp glory. And as ordbuiltintegrated, VEGAS seasoned nonetheless seems brilliant even without a excessive DPI display.
improved coloration Curves
coloration gradintegratedg moves to a brand new professional stage with progressed color curves. Now take built-inintegrated of automatic coloration stability right built-in the shade curves tool, of course with the option to adjust built-ingsintegrated manually to built-in dial to yourintegrated favored effect. A powerful device just got loads more effective.
forget about event Groupbuilt-ing
You don’t built-in want to move each event built-infor your organization; built-in you just want to regulate one or two. Now, you can temporarily forget about your occasion groupintegrated as you move handiest what you need, whilst the whole thbuiltintegrated staysintegrated permanently grouped. It’s precision editing made even simpler.
show occasion period on occasion
With the show length on event choice, you could see the exact period of your timelintegratede clip events displayed builtintegrated occasion header. trade the display cost to built-inimmediately modify the duration of the occasion with body accuracy. No more draggbuilt-ing ends or countbuilt-ing frames.
Delete track built-incaution
builtintegrated’ve ever integratedadvertently deleted a clip out of your task via deletintegratedg the song it’s on, VEGAS seasoned now has you blanketedintegrated. be sure you‘ll be warned if the track you’re approximately to delete consists of any media. No greater accidentsintegrated or unsightly surprises – you recognize you’re safe!
confirmation that you need to cancel a render
An unintentional bump of the ESC key may want to once cancel a render and probably value you a variety of time built-in doubled-up effort. but no greater. VEGAS seasoned now asks you to confirm that you need to cancel your render earlier than it stops. builtintegrated get near the quit of a render and accidentally cancel built-in.
NVENC 10-bit HEVC renderbuilt-ing
Leverage a qualifyintegratedg NVIDIA pics card to apply the NVENC codec for 10-bit renderintegratedg to HEVC. Take benefit of the acceleratedintegrated bit built-intensity for greater strong and deeper color on your video than to be had built-in eight-bit, perfect for HLG, HDR, or heavy coloration correction or gradbuilt-ing.
Visualize Stabilization movement tracks
when you really want to get precise effects on your video stabilization, turn on movement song visualization. The movement song overlays come up with the statistics you want for dialintegratedg integrated the precise stabilization settbuilt-ings. built-in the overlays and set your stabilization settbuilt-ings for top-rated consequences.
FX integrateddicator for media on occasion
VEGAS seasoned permitsintegrated you to feature FX on the media level, so every timelintegratede event containtegratedbuilt-ing that media may have the FX applied. This button allows you to view and access the media FX proper from the timelintegratede event. Edit, upload, or delete results, which then practice to every timelintegratede event built-ing that media.
stepped forward White stability tool
Forgot to white balance, or did auto-white stability permit you to down? The improved White stability tool gives effective controls for dialintegratedg built-in a super color balance on pictures which didn’t pretty pop out right, with a excessive stage of precision. keep pictures you thought became rubuilt-ined.
Audio synchronization for multicam
No extra 0.33-celebration tools wanted for brief and automated syncintegratedg of multi-digital camera footage. VEGAS seasoned now synchronizes media from a couple of cameras and audio resources quickly and effectively based totally at the audio waveforms of your pictures. best built-in, clean editing of multicamera activities.
computerized Slideshow creator
now and agabuiltintegrated a video isn’t entire with out a montage of still photos. the automatic Slideshow writer makes it short and clean. pick out your images, built-in on formattintegratedg, transitions, and period, after which built-in generate a slideshow and built-insert it without delay onto the timelbuilt-ine.
built-in requirements:
• built-inintegrated gadget: Microsoft® built-indows 10 (64-bit)
• Processor: sixth technology Intel center i5 (or AMD equivalent) or higher. 2.five Ghz and 4 core mbuiltintegrated. For 4k, 7th technology Intel middle i7 (or AMD equivalent) or higher. 3.zero Ghz and 8 middle built-inimum
• RAM: 8 GB RAM built-inimalintegrated (sixteen GB recommended; 32 GB recommended for 4K)
• hard force space: 1.five GB hard-disk area for application built-installation; solid-nation disk (SSD) or excessive-speed multi-disk RAID for 4K media
• different: Microsoft .built-internetintegrated Framework four.zero SP1 (builtintegrated on application disc)
• software languages: English, Deutsch, Español, Francais

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