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تحميل تجميعة برامج الميديا الشاملة 2020 | AVS4YOU Software AIO

تجميعة برامج الميديا الشاملة 2020 AVS4YOU Software AIO

تحميل تجميعة برامج الميديا الشاملة 2020  AVS4YOU Software AIO
تحميل تجميعة برامج الميديا الشاملة 2020  AVS4YOU Software AIO

الان اقدم لكم في هذا الموضوع الجديد تجميعة برامج الميديا الشاملة 2020 AVS4YOU Software AIO وهو من انتاج
شركة ايه فى اس حيث انها من الشركات الشهيرة جداً والتى أثبتت فاعليتها من فترة طويلة بإصدارتها الرائعة لبرامج الميديا والفيديو والصوت وغيرها من البرامج الهامة التى حازت على ثقة وإعجاب ملايين المستخدمين حول العالم.
من مميزات هذه الشركة بانها تقوم دائماً بتحديث كل إصدارتها من البرامج كل فترة وفى هذا الموضوع اقدم لكم آخر إصدار للتجميعة الكاملة لبرامج الشركة والتى تستطيع تثبيتها من ملف واحد أو إختيار البرامج التى ترغب فقط في تثبيتها وبعد ذلك تستطيع تفعيل البرامج التى تريدها عن طريق الكراكات الموجودة مع التجميعة.
تحميل تجميعة برامج الميديا الشاملة 2020 | AVS4YOU Software AIO

AVS All-In-One install bundle – a powerful multimedia package consisting of more than 15 applications such as:
AVS Video Converter, AVS Video Editor, AVS Video ReMaker, AVS Audio Converter, AVS Audio Editor, AVS Audio Recorder, AVS Disc author, AVS DVD Authoring, AVS DVD replica, AVS Ringtone Maker, AVS Media participant, AVS Registry cleanser, AVS photograph Converter, AVS picture Editor, AVS cowl Editor etc. All programs have a English and Russian interface. list of programs which can be multimidiyny package deal:
AVS Video Converter – convert video to ALL KEY codecs with AVS Video Converter. Create HD-, Blu-ray videos with more advantageous menus. Сonvert files for various devices and upload films on famous websites directly from the program interface.
AVS Video Editor –
edit your video recordings and make your own film with a few easy drag-and-drops. enhance your movies with outcomes, menus and audio, so that they have a expert appearance.
AVS Video ReMaker –
edit video documents without reconversion. cut undesirable scenes from films recorded with diverse PVR, DVR & DVD camcorders. Insert DVD and Blu-ray menus.
AVS Audio Converter –
convert among maximum acknowledged audio document kinds – MP3, WAV, WMA, M4A, FLAC, PCM, OGG, AAC, AMR and others. Create ringtones, use batch mode, follow effects and custom parameters.
AVS Audio Editor –
edit your audio documents with AVS Audio Editor . cut, cut up, merge, file, follow various consequences. keep output documents to all key audio formats.
AVS Audio Recorder – AVS Audio Recorder is a compact audio software that data audio statistics from diverse gadgets. A consumer-friendly
interface makes work with AVS Audio Recorder easy and handy.
AVS Disc writer –
easy and intuitive interface, a selection of hot features and supported media types make AVS Disc writer a maximum handy and demanded software to make home video DVD copies, create DVD discs for domestic DVD and Blu-Ray players and perform different burning obligations.
AVS DVD Authoring –
AVS DVD Authoring is an easy-to-use disc authoring and burning software program that lets you do greater with digital media. it's been designed that will help you prepare your video pictures right into a expert and 8504ca0e3fb5bfcdbdf1e8263f0c30ef DVD
AVS DVD replica –
simple one-click on interface, a ramification of warm capabilities and supported media sorts make AVS DVD reproduction a most
handy and demanded software to make home video DVD copies.
AVS Ringtone Maker –
AVS Ringtone Maker is a compact complete-featured ringtone composer software program which permits you to create your personal custom ringtones from any sound, be it your favored music, your friends’ voices, your youngsters’ snicker, your cat or your doorbell. The high-quality manner to add an air of individuality in your cellular cellphone!
AVS Media participant –
watch video, play audio and examine your images with AVS Media player . this system combines rich capability and a user-friendly interface.
AVS Registry purifier –
test, smooth and fasten your computer home windows registry. dispose of out of date, dangerous or unused items from the registry. Make your pc operate secure and rapid.
AVS picture Converter –
convert piles of snap shots to all key codecs at one cross! Make short modifications – resize, rotate, practice auto-correction settings. pick among a number of outcomes. Get your snap shots geared up to be printed or uploaded to websites!
AVS picture Editor –
enhance your images – regulate size, zoom, alternate and enhance colorings, sharpen gadgets shapes. follow pre-made effects. Make your photos look perfect.
AVS report Converter –
is designed to view and convert numerous varieties of files. It reads textual content and photograph documents and converts them to PDF, document, DOCX, RTF, TXT, ODT, HTML, JPEG, TIFF, EPUB and other codecs.
Whats New:
updated all products.

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