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برنامج تثبيت وتحديث التعريفات | DriverMax Pro

برنامج تثبيت وتحديث التعريفات DriverMax Pro

برنامج تثبيت وتحديث التعريفات  DriverMax Pro
برنامج تثبيت وتحديث التعريفات  DriverMax Pro
DriverMax Pro يعد من أشهر البرامج لإدارة التعريفات وعمل نسخة احتياطية منها بالكامل وتستطيع استرجاعها فى اى وقت وبكل  سهولة.
من مميزات البرنامج قدرته على تحديث التعريفات وحفظها كاملة أو بعضها على الهارديسك أو الفلاش مميورى وتستطيع استعادتها مرة أخرى بعد الفورمات وتنزيل ويندوز جديد.
كذلك من مميزات برنامج DriverMax أيضاً سهولة إستخدامه وواجهته البسيطة والتى تحنوى على كل أدوات البرنامج.
كذلك فأن البرنامج مجانى ويدعم كل اللغات منها اللغة العربية
وفى هذا الموضوع اقدم لكم أحدث إصدار من البرنامج معه التفعيل.
برنامج تثبيت وتحديث التعريفات | DriverMax Pro

DriverMax – utility that permits to download the cutting-edge driver updates to your pc. further, DriverMax collects records about established drivers in machine and prints a listing of gadgets that use them. provides facts about the motive force version, date, developer, variety of documents and you have a virtual signature.
Then you can just export them to a separate folder or packed in ZIP-archive, and after reinstalling windows to put in the whole thing you need from one source. With the Import Wizard can installation all the stored drivers just five minutes. thus, you no longer must have handy plenty of drives to unique gadgets. DriverMax is a new tool that allows you to down load the state-of-the-art driving force updates on your computer.
No more trying to find rare drivers on discs or at the net or placing one set up CD after the other. simply create a loose account, log in, and begin downloading the updates that you need.
DriverMax determines the drivers installed on your system and allows you to archive them in case of system reinstall. this system may be very clean to apply and allows to quickly deploy the device drivers stored within the archive.
possibly you observed in an effort to reset all the stuffing, which became at the disk, as an instance, with a sound card.
however this is not the case – might be reinstalled simply the driving force itself, and multimedia programs, diagnostic programs, and so on – it leaves the program for you. Therein lies the trouble. however, not every body desires these many packages, and this category of humans is familiar with the program, as a minimum for the sake of hobby.
this system’s interface, in addition to its business enterprise of labor, very simple and ergonomic. address it is not difficult.
this system will help you easily and fast pereutanovit all tool drivers which are wanted for the appropriate operation of the devices on your pc in home windows. just export them to a folder or document, and after reinstalling windows to put in the whole thing essential from a single source.
Key capabilities:
– gives details of all drivers, consisting of the version, release date, and many others.
– Create an in depth document (TXT / HTM) of the drivers.
– Make a backup copy of all of the drivers installed inside the unique folder.
– capability to create an archive with the backups of drivers.
– Import Wizard to put in the drivers from the saved replica.
– ability to check for the presence of the greater latest versions of the drivers.
Whats New:
Updates: legit web page does not provide any information approximately adjustments on this model.

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