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تحميل اسطوانة البوت العملاقة 2020 | MultiBoot 2k10 Unofficial 7.27

الان اقدم لكم في هذا الموضوع الجديد الاسطوانة التجميعية العملاقة والشاملة لكل اسطوانات الصيانة بأحدث إصداراتها.

ما يميز هذه الاسطوانة هو انه يكون لديك كم هائل  من برامج الإنقاذ والصيانة واسطوانات البوت فى اسطوانة واحدة.

اسطوانة البوت العملاقة 2020 MultiBoot 2k10 Unofficial 7.27
تحميل اسطوانة البوت العملاقة 2020 | MultiBoot 2k10 Unofficial 7.27

اسطوانة البوت العملاقة 2020 MultiBoot 2k10 Unofficial 7.27

من مميزات هذه الاسطوانة انك تستطيع نسخها على فلاشة والإقلاع منها مباشرة فى حالات الطوارىء وبذلك تستطيع فتح اى ويندوز سواء 7 أو 8.1 أو 10 للنواتين 32 و 64 بت.

تحميل اسطوانة البوت العملاقة 2020  MultiBoot 2k10 Unofficial 7.25
تحميل اسطوانة البوت العملاقة 2020  MultiBoot 2k10 Unofficial 7.25

OS : 32/64 bit | Language : Russian / English | record size : 5.13 GB
MultiBoot 2k10 may be a multi-boot disk of the manager , the most reason of that's to arrange for the difficult disc , also on deploy the OS , which incorporates the making plans and unpacking of device pix, information recovery after numerous disasters, resuscitation of the OS.
additionally, the disk are going to be useful for cleansing the machine from a ramification of malicious applications, additionally as checking out an excellent sort of pc components, with the supply of distinct reports. All applications within the set are mixed underneath one shell, and supply the electricity to put in both from the disk pressure and from any detachable media! There are certainly tons of applications within the composition, and each considered one of them are designed to configure and improve the usage of device skills.
This disk is based on the bootloaders BOOTMGR (home windows eight.1.1), Isolinux / Syslinux v.four.06 and Grub4Dos v.0.four.6a and includes an outsized number of merchandise incorporated by way of the shell, with the power else from CD / DVD, USB Flash power, USB- HDD and regular HDD.
the main motive is to prepare the HDD, deploy the OS (with the energy to install Win 2000 / XP / 2003 / Vista / 7 – WinNTSetup utilities, installation packages are not blanketed within the meeting!), Create / installation system photos, restore / copy information, resuscitate the OS and boot recovery, cleansing the OS of viruses / trojans and blockers / porn banners, checking out the maximum additives of the laptop and far extra. there may be network guide with the energy to get entry to the net and multimedia aid. it is possible to use maximum of the applications from the assembly as “portable”
The listing of applications in the meeting:
• USB-driver PLOP v.five.zero.eleven
• C9PE Plus p.c. (@ conty9) 2k10
• WinPE 7×86 live (@ Xemom1) unique edition 2k10
• WinPE 7×64 live (@ Xemom1) unique version 2k10
• WinPE 8×86 live (@ Xemom1) special version 2k10
• WinPE 8×sixty four stay (@ Xemom1) special edition 2k10
• WinPE 10×86 stay (@ Xemom1) Multilingual edition 2k10
• WinPE 10×64 live (@ Xemom1) Multilingual edition 2k10
• Parted Magic 2017.03.14 / Linux live-CD /
• Linux model of Acronis DDH v.12.zero.3270 (rus)
• Linux version of Acronis TIES v.9.7.8398 (rus)
• Linux model of Acronis TI top class 2014 v.17.0.6673 (rus)
• Linux model of Acronis general repair v.eleven.five.38938 (rus)
• Linux model of Acronis B&R advanced v.eleven.five.39029 (rus)
• Linux version of Acronis Snap set up v.5.zero.1416 (rus)
• Linux version of Acronis Align device for WD / Hitachi v.2.zero.154 (eng)
• Linux model of Paragon HDM 12 v. (rus)
• Linux model of Paragon HDM 15 v. (rus)
• Linux version of MiniTool Partition Wizard Server version v.nine.1 (eng)
• Linux model of TeraByte photo for Linux v.3.17 (eng)
• DOS version of Acronis TIES v.9.7.8398 (rus)
• DOS model of Paragon HDM 15 v. (rus)
• DOS model of Hiren’s Boot CD 15.2 (rus)
• an outsized set of various DOS utilities, and a ways more.
Whats New
• Updates: professional site doesn't offer any data approximately adjustments in the course of this model
gadget necessities:
• computer with 128Mb RAM or higher, CD / DVD power or USB interface.

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