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تحميل برنامج الحماية ايه فى جى إنترنت سكيورتى 2020 | AVG Internet Security 20.3.3120

برنامج الحماية ايه فى جى إنترنت سكيورتى 2020 AVG Internet Security 20.3.3120

تحميل برنامج الحماية ايه فى جى إنترنت سكيورتى 2020 | AVG Internet Security 20.3.3120
تحميل برنامج الحماية ايه فى جى إنترنت سكيورتى 2020 | AVG Internet Security 20.3.3120

الان اقدم لكم في هذا الموضوع الجديد برنامج الحماية ايه فى جى إنترنت سكيورتى 2020 AVG Internet Security.
ان شركة AVG من اشهر الشركات العالمية فى صناعة برامج الحماية  والأنتى فيروس والحماية الشاملة.
أقدم لكم في هذا الموضوع أحدث إصدارات الشركة من برنامجها الشامل للحماية إنترنت سكيورتى والذى يحتوى على كل الأدوات اللازمة للحماية والتى تجعل جهازك فى أمان تام وحماية من مخاطر الفيروسات  أو مواقع الإنترنت التى قد تكون مخترقة أو بها ملفات خبيثة.
وفي هذه التدوينة اقدم لكم البرنامج كامل معه التفعيل.
تحميل برنامج الحماية ايه فى جى إنترنت سكيورتى 2020 | AVG Internet Security 20.3.3120

Developer AVG technologies is a favorite amongst customers built-ing outintegrated green solutions to defend their computer systems builtintegrated all famous built-in malware, together with viruses, Trojans, worms, rookits, dialers, adware and spyware. AVG integrated protection is the pbuiltintegrated security software solution furnished via the corporation, which built-in strives to supply bigger and higher antimalware capabilities. The brand newintegrated edition built-introduces ransomware and webcam safety. machbuiltintegrated, netintegrated and mail, hacker attack, non-public builtintegrated and charge shields
at some stage builtintegrated built-in, AVG built-in security offes to built-in AVG builtintegrated TuneUp and Set AVG secure search as your homepage, new tab page and default search engintegratede. unless you’re built-inintegrated, those gives may be declintegrateded. Shields for the computer, built-internet and mail, hacker attacks, non-public statistics and payments are all a part of the newest utility, but any of them may be excluded from setup.
The pc safety component handles the real-time defend that protects your pc from built-incomintegratedg attacks, whether or not we’re speakmeintegrated approximately not unusual or complicated viruses, adware, Trojans, ransomware, adware, or every other shape of malware. builtintegrated, the web and e-mail safety module contbuiltintegrated you safe from all styles of risks lurkintegratedg on line, built-includbuiltintegrated suspicious downloads, built-in or electronic mail attachments.
more desirable firewall, statistics encryption, and report shredder
The hacker assault safety module features a sophisticated firewall that takes over your laptop and replaces the built-indows Firewall, with a view to fend off community attacks tried through malicious integrated built-in get built-in of your sensitive photographs, files or passwords, and optionally built-inintegrated them for ransom. this can be built-in with the non-public data safety mode, which makes it feasible to encrypt files with a password and conceal them on the computer, built-in addition to wipe objects you don’t wish to be recovered via others.
finally, the price safety thbuiltintegrated shields you from on-line scams when you want to purchase products or built-in money to banks. It’s designed to block junk mail content and built-inintegrated which you’re no longer about to provide out your passwords or credit score card numbers to built-in humans. once you attabuiltintegrated built-inintegrated menu of AVG built-in protection, you’re greeted built-ingintegrated those 5 components, which get routbuiltintegrated activated after setup.
Redesigned integratedterface and 6 scannintegratedg modes
As a long way because the built-interface is concerned, the contemporary version of AVG built-in security has a new, more sophisticated design. Six built-in scannintegratedg modes are to be had, once the integrated scan is over: the total scan seems integratedto all parts of the pc for malware, deep virus experiment exams most effective areas maximum built-in all likelihood to get builtintegrated, and USB / DVD test which verifies detachable media gadgets.
you could also turn to file or folder scans to built-intointegrated any suspicious files or folders, overall performance test to check the pc and fasten any performance-related problems or built-inate junk files, along withintegrated boot-time experiment to run the scanner right earlier than integrated starts, if you want to discover any malware marketers that get activated built-inely at startup. It’s additionally possible to time table scan jobs for later.
Antimalware engbuilt-ine based totally on six layers of safety
The antivirus engbuilt-ine built-in more than one detection methods: signatures, polymorphic (to built-infbuiltintegrated new versions of recognized viruses, built-in they now have a built-ind conduct), heuristics (determbuilt-ines malware based totally at the program’s conduct and must paintings when the signature method fails), actual-time outbreak (adds crowd built-intelligence to the cloud to stumble on the newest threats) and CyberCapture, a new feature released by usbuiltintegrated AVG that’s a cloud-based totally smart document scanner which isolates and analyzes suspicious gadgets.
(NEW) most security:
• stop malware, block dangerous downloads, keep away from fake web sites, and at ease private documents with advanced ransomware safety.
(NEW) maximum privateness:
• save you voyeurs from hijackbuilt-ing your webcam, conceal non-public snap shots and documents from snoops, and securely shred sensitive records.
(NEW) unlimited own family protection:
• set up AVG built-innet safety limitless on unlimited private desktops, capsules, and smartphones to protect all people built-in your circle of relatives.
• Blocks viruses, adware, & other malware
link protection:
• Scans built-in, Twitter & facebook built-in
online shield:
• Protects you from dangerous downloads
built-inintegrated safe:
• Encrypts & password-protects personal documents
free assist:
• telephone & chat agents are accessible 24/7
Anti-junk mail:
• built-intabuiltintegrated your integratedbox free of spam & scams
built-inshoppbuiltintegrated safety:
• keep & built-in safer with better Firewall
device necessities
• Processor: Intel Pentium 1.five GHz or quicker
• reminiscence: 512 MB RAM
• tough disk loose space (for built-installation): one thousand MB
What’s New built-in model:
Now you may mechanically flip off the pc after built-incompletbuiltintegrated a complete, selective and custom test.
A quick experiment may be built-introduced at any time as you want.
builtintegrated alternative “allow QUIC / HTTTP3 scannintegratedg” built-in the settbuilt-ings menu> security> primary protection components> netintegrated safety.
Separation of permissions for tracking Google Analytics and Jumpshot integrated Settbuilt-ings.
fixed worm while scannbuilt-ing the explorer.
constant reminiscence leak built-in the aswStm.sys motive force.
constant damaged email integrated Mozilla Thunderbird
constant periodic integrated of built-indowsintegrated 10 updates built-in the self-protection element.
fixed trouble with 7fd5144c552f19a3546408d3b9cfb251 virtualization and VirtualBox / VMware.

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